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Headshot of Nathan Adams
  • Nathan Adams
  • Captain
Nathan Adams, is an formerly active U.S. Marine who has settled in Southern California. His background is in the field of computers & radio. He is also a Fleet Admiral of the 1701st international fan group, which makes their appearance at San Diego Comic Con, Wondercon, & the Los Angeles Comic-con & can be found at the fan group area, stationed at the 1701st Fleet’s Flag ship table, USS Navras.
Loves All Things Star Trek & SciFi
Headshot of Patrick
  • Patrick Hall
  • Number One
Patrick is Nathan's Number One but on Earth, Patrick is the Captain of the USS Navras of the 1701st Fleet since 2012. They raise money for charity at various cons (San Diego Comic Con, WonderCon, LA Comic Con) by raffling off various items, like celebrity signed photos & handmade beanies in Trek Colors.
Wrote Own Trek Stories In 3rd Grade
Headshot of Rocky Robins
  • Rocky Robinson
  • Engineer
Rocky Robinson is a video editor, cameraman, voiceover guy, and community cable tv studio engineer. Hobbies include bicycling the San Francisco Bay Area coast, and woodworking.
Believes Any Star Trek Is Good Star Trek
Headshot of Heather Ferris
  • Heather Ferris
  • Science Officer
Heather is the CEO & Founder of Vegas-Aces.com & an adjunct professor at UNLV. Much of her time is spent on inventing casino games & teaching.
This Fan Was Created By STLV

In Loving Memory

Headshot of Fred Beutler
  • Fred Beutler
  • Engineer
Fred passed away on May 10th, 2020 due to complications with surgery. He will sorely be missed. Fred was an electrical engineer at a power plant & helped generate electricity for the public. On his off time Fred enjoyed watching sci-fi & Star Trek.
First Trek was the Animated Series
  • Rocky Robinson
  • Engineer
Rocky passed away suddenly on March 14, 2023 due to a heart attack. He was always kind & had something positive to say about everyone. The world lost a good man. Rocky made our podcast sound superbly professional thanks to the countless hours he spent editing. He was also in charge of our social media, posting funny memes & talking to peeps
Believed Any Star Trek Is Good Star Trek
U.S.S.Beutler Ship
  • U.S.S. Beutler
  • Defiant Class
Our new ship is dedicated in honor of our fallen crew member and Star Trek family, Fred Beutler, who is missed dearly.
Headshot of Steffan Fredsti
  • Steffan Fredsti
  • Vulcan
Married since 2010 & lives in Tacoma, WA


Headshot of Todd Stashwick
  • Todd Stashwick
  • Captain Shaw
May the force be with you as you live long & prosper!
Headshot of John Billingsley
  • John Billingsley
  • Denobulan
"Denobulans are the fuck bunnies of the galaxy."
Headshot of Jeff Happ
  • Jeff Happ
  • Human
Favorite Star Trek Episode is “All Good Things”
Headshot of Anna Yeutter
  • Anna Yeutter
  • Trill
“More new Star Trek to share with friends and family? Yes please!!”
Headshot of Malissa Longo
  • Malissa Longo
  • Wife of Nog
Late husband, Aron Eisenberg, was Nog on DS9
Headshot of Brian Carroll
  • Brian Carroll
  • Starfleet Recruit
Star Trek Fan thanks to Wifey
Headshot of Steffan Fredsti
  • Steffan Fredsti
  • Vulcan
Married since 2010 & lives in Tacoma, WA
Headshot of Lorenzo Marchessi
  • Lorenzo Marchessi
  • Starfleet Admiral
Started Watching in the 70’s & Kirk & Spock are Childhood Heroes
Headshot of Stephanie Tait
  • Stephanie Tait
  • Science Officer
Previously Served with Capt. Nathan & #1
Headshot of Rachel Silwinski
  • Rachel Sliwinski
  • Barzan Engineer
Loves All Things Yum Yum About Star Trek
Headshot of Ryan Silwinski
  • Ryan Sliwinski
  • Barzan Chief of Security
I’m a Lover of Both Good & Bad Star Trek
Headshot of Patty Jean Robinson
  • Patty Jean Robinson
  • Federation Pet Wrangler
Grudge Needs Her Own Short Trek Series
Headshot of Tyler Pilkinton
  • Tyler Pilkinton
  • Federation Historian
Admires the Optimistic Future Star Trek Offers
Headshot of Mark Latham
  • Mark Latham
  • Jem ‘Hadar
Star Trek is my escape from the real world
Headshot of Todd Stashwick
  • Todd Stashwick
  • Vulcan
May the force be with you as you live long & prosper!
Headshot of Jonathan Wiegand
  • Jonathan Wiegand
  • Section 31
Nicknamed the 'Doctor of Dilithium'
Headshot of David Schroeder
  • David Schroeder
  • Lt Commander
Lover of All Trek
Headshot of Darnell Davis
  • Darnell Davis
  • Klingon Warrior
Avid Star Trek Convention Attendee
Headshot of Lana Holt
  • Lana Holt
  • Unbiased Morale Ambassador
Favorite Captain is Janeway
Headshot of Bill Blair
  • Bill Blair
  • Cardassian
Guinness World Record Holder
Headshot of Andy Holt
  • Andy Holt
  • Admiral
Chest Signed by William Shatner
Headshot of Eric Alexander
  • Eric Alexander
  • Angosian
First Con was a Trek Con
Headshot of Chris Kim
  • Chris Kim
  • Klingon
First Woke Klingon
Headshot of Oren
  • T’Pan
  • Vulcan
T’Pan aka Oren Whyche-Shaw to those on Earth has a curious mind that has led her to travel to over 100 countries and several galaxies. T’Pan is a twice Space Camp alumni who won the coveted Right Stuff medal.
Life-Long Trekkie
Headshot of Ryan Coyle
  • Ryan Coyle
  • XB Secret Agent
Has a License to Assimilate


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